Hot Work Passport Training - For Operatives and Project Managers who as part of their role may issue hot work permits
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Fire Prevention on Construction Sites

Health and safety records show that construction sites are dangerous places, with death and injury only a step away. On the face of it, the Fire Statistics Monitor, published by the UK Statistics Authority, seem to show that construction sites are not such a serious problem, accounting for only 0.2% of all fires every year. However, fires in buildings that are being built or refurbished are often disproportionately large, in terms of the magnitude of the fire and the cost of the property damage.

Health and safety records show that construction sites are dangerous places, with death and injury only a step away.

In a recent 10-year period, statistics from insurance companies show that there were 108 major fires on construction sites, costing the insurers and therefore construction companies via their premiums £187.3m, an average loss of £1.7m. In the same period, accidents while carrying out hot works caused 164 major fires, resulting in total losses of £69.8m. Of course, the costs of lost employment, damage to nearby businesses and homes, loss of our heritage and contamination to our environment adds to the overall cost.


Who is the course for?

The Hot Work Passport Course has been designed for supervisors, maintenance engineers, welders etc, who have to work in, or manage a Hot Working area. The Hot Work Passport is an indication to Clients that you have demonstrated a high level of knowledge and understanding of Fire Safety that will contribute to effective hot work duties on a construction site or an area where an alteration or maintenance is taking place.

Hot Work Passport

Hot work passport is a standard to be reached by anyone who carries out any hot works as part of their job or who works at a supervisorial or managerial level involving any hot works. The passport is linked into the use of hot work permits.

The ongoing fire risks posed by hot work activities are underlined by statistics from the Fire Protection Association (FPA). According to figures for the period 1999-2008, unsafe hot work caused 164 fires that each resulted in fire losses in excess of 250,000. The total combined loss for these fires was almost 70m.

Activities involving hot works pose a significant risk of fire. Some published data for the ten years until 2008 show that in excess of £70 million pounds worth of damage was caused fires resulting from hot work carried out. The introduction of the passport was largely in response to this significant cost to business and is aimed at minimising the cost to businesses.

A candidate who holds the hot work passport shows that the individual concerned has shown knowledge and understanding of the significant risks associated with hot works and will provide the individual with a recognised qualification for work in the construction sector.

The hot work passport will become increasingly accepted as a requirement, for operatives through to senior managers (individuals and business's) if they are undertaking hot work for clients in the construction sector.



Onsite Training

As a company we are flexible regarding training and can cater for onsite training at your premises, if this best suits your needs. We provide 'On Site' training at a venue of your choice. This may be your own premises or another suitable location that is convenient for you. The 'on site' training option is particularly cost effective for Companies that have several people requiring training at the same time (usually 6 or more people).


Open Courses

We also offer open courses in London, Birmingham and Manchester. An open course is were we carry out the training at one of our designated training venues and take bookings for the course from both individuals and business's. So if you are an individual or require a couple of operatives trained, you may decide an open course is more suitable. Please contact us for dates, by email at or calling on 0800 774 7034.



Regarding the cost, we charge £185 per delegate.


Training Course Duration

The training lasts for 7 hours (1 day)