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The Hot Work Passport Ccourse has been designed for supervisors, maintenance engineers, welders etc, who have to work in, or manage a Hot Working area.

The commercial consequences of construction fires can be devastating. There are several thousand construction fires annually. These fires not only put workers’ lives at risk but can also result in damage both on and off site, ranging from tens of thousands to many millions of pounds and invariably leading to severe delays in the project programme.

Permit-to-work (PTW) systems

All hot work generating heat sparks or flames can cause a fire. To avoid this, PTW systems should be considered. Where hot work is not carried out often, and where the risk of fire is low, the need for formal systems of management control is less. However, as the amount of hot work and the risks associated with it increases, the need for formal PTW systems increases. They are particularly useful where there are numerous hot work operations taking place and where there is a lot of combustible material present, both incidentally and as part of the building structure.

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